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Top 50 Universities of USA


Top 50 universities in USA

World Rank
World Rank
111Harvard University
223Massachusetts Institute of Technology
357Stanford University
462University of California, Berkeley
578Yale University
684California Institute of Technology
799Princeton University
81152Duke University
91423Cornell University
1017=20University of California, San Francisco
1117=13University of Chicago
122019Columbia University
132615University of Texas at Austin
142725Johns Hopkins University
153228Pennsylvania University
163631University of Michigan
173726University of California, Los Angeles
184224University of California, San Diego
194438Carnegie Mellon University
204673Northwestern University
215475Boston University
225679New York University
2358=109Washington University, St Louis
2458=35University of Illinois
256159Purdue University
2664130Pennsylvania State University
276845Massachusetts University
287161Brown University
2973=86Rochester University
3073=66University Wisconsin-Madison
318874Washington University
32105118Virginia University
3310988Case Western Reserve University
34114156Vanderbilt University
35117138Dartmouth College
36121116Michigan State University
37124180University of Southern California
38125105Texas A&M University
39133134Maryland University
40141173Emory University
41143117North Carolina University
4214765Georgia Institute of Technology
43150=146Rice University
44150=82University of Minnesota
45159=165Georgetown University
46159=72University of California, Santa Barbara
47163107Colorado University
48164104Tufts University
49175=136State Univ of New York, Stony Brook
50175=90Alabama University

Source : The Times Higher

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