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Time to buy Books for Delhi University Students

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Giving tradition a break, Delhi University will begin its session this year from Wednesday, July 21, rather than July 16, as has been the norm in the past. This year, the university will adopt the semester system in 12 science courses, which necessitated the change in schedule.

Students, though, can’t wait to begin the first-year of their college life.

After the usual euphoria of the orientation and freshers’ party settles in, it is time to buy books and going by their price, they can burn a hole in your pocket.

But worry not; help is at hand at the Kamala Nagar Market bookstore.

Another godsend is the row of bookshops on Bungalow Road not only give concession to students but also sell second hand books.

These books are really affordable for students who don’t get heaps of pocket money or those who live in paying guest (PG) accomodation and hostels.

“You can get earlier editions of books with different essays and share them with your friends. It also looks nice when you have a cover different and better looking than others,” said Tanvi Jain, a student from Indraprastha College.

If you thought this was the best part, there’s more.

Some second hand books already have a lot of useful notes inscribed on them.

So for all the lazy students who hate taking notes, this is a real treasure trove. And at all this at half the price.

“I got Modern Indian Literature for Rs 60 bucks when it’s original cost is Rs 120,” said, Aditi Malhotra, a second-year English (honours) student of Jesus and Mary College.

Also, these shops are open to buying your books at the end of the year.

“We sell second hand books at half the original price and if a student wants to resell books, we price them according to the state the books are in,” said a book seller at Book Land.

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