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Separate All India Entrance Exam for Architecture ?

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Architecture Entrance Exam

Unhappy with the quality of students being admitted through All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), leading architecture education institutes have proposed the setting up of a separate all-India entrance examination to MHRD.

The proposal was forwarded by School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, to the Ministry on behalf of the participating colleges of AIEEE last month.

Currently, some of the most sought after institutes — including 15 National Institute of Technology (NITs) and all three branches of School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) — admit architecture students through the AIEEE conducted by the CBSE.

Now they want a “de-link” as the exam’s technical and intelligence orientation is providing them with engineering rejects.

“The AIEEE tests the intelligence quotient and not the creative quotient, which is required for architecture. We are losing genuinely talented students to private institutes. The entrance examination has to be re-looked at,” said Ranjit Mitra, director, SPA, Delhi, which started admitting students through AIEEE about five years ago.

The recommendations were drafted after representatives of several AIEEE Colleges (such as SPA, Vijayawada and Bhopal, NIT, Tiruchirapalli) met on March 5 at SPA, Delhi.    HT

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