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Self Study Tips to Prepare for CAT

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CAT Preparation Tips

Discipline is very important. Plan your preparation, maintain a fixed schedule and stick to it. There are three basic areas which arc tested in the MBA entrance exams.

They are verbal abil­ity, quantitative ability and data interpretation and logi­cal reasoning For verbal ability, read a lot. Since reading comprehension is an important part of this section, try speed reading (you have to train how to read and comprehend fast)

For quantitative ability it is most important to get your basic concepts right. Solve questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration etc from the Class X books of CBSE and ICSE boards. For the data interpretation and logical reasoning sec­tions, refer to well known CAT preparation books from TATA McGraw Hill. R S Agarwal, S Chand. Pearson Education, etc.

You should also solve crossword and sudoku puzzles every day as this will improve your accuracy and aptitude. After you gain some confidence with your preparation, you can join lest series so that you get an idea about your current level of preparation.

As far as QA is concerned, algebra and geometry should be given the maximum priority. They should cover more than 50 percent of the paper. Give algebra 15 days and geometry six to seven days. Do them at a stretch. You have to spare some time doing three to four DI sets even,’ day. That would definitely push the comfort level in this area to a far more satisfying level.

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