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NIIT University MBA

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NIIT University (NU)

In addition to the existing Engineering courses, NU presents a two-year, residential MBA program with unique features that use the University’s core principles of seamlessness and Industry-Linkage as the foundation of its program design.

Through a transformational process involving courses, projects, internships, leadership interactions, finishing school and other distinctive co-curricular components, the program seeks to create exceptional leaders trained to operate in today’s complex business environment.
The NIIT University MBA identifies 9 key attributes that its graduates must possess, and the program design is built around these objectives. These attributes are:

  1. General Management capability
  2. Specialisation& contemporariness – advanced domain competency
  3. Industry-linked, and ready for first-day-first-hour productivity at post-
  4. MBA job
  5. Superior communication, personality & professional life skills
  6. International exposure and Global perspective
  7. Strong analysis & application orientation
  8. Research-driven
  9. Entrepreneur’s mindset of innovation and risk-taking
  10. Sensitivity to society, environment, ethics and human values

The MBA program at NU demands and encourages the student to explore and connect with the multiple dimensions that today’s manager is required to deal with – local, global, analytical, hands-on, efficient, strategic, ethical, people-
oriented, inclusive, green, technologically-advanced, self-enlightened – are only a few of the diverse range of words that illustrate the numerous facets of a manager’s concerns. The NU MBA program immerses the student into these
multiple domains. As a result, the MBA-graduate is equipped with capabilities required to seamlessly navigate between the seeming contradictions that operating managers face, such as:

  • Between profitability & growth and ethics & human values
  • Between streamlined operations and innovation & research
  • Between organizational efficiency and individual self-enlightenment
  • Between academic theory and real-life management practice
  • Between on-the-job productivity and strategic brilliance
  • Between operating management and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Between established Indian practices and emerging global paradigms

NIIT University’s core principle of industry-linkage is woven into the MBA program in many ways, drawing upon NIIT’s extensive experience and relationships with industry. The most significant mechanism comes through the concept of Industry Mentors. Every student is guided and mentored by a senior and eminent corporate leader (and a second industry professional) throughout the two-year program. The mentor acts as the student’s friend and adviser, and helps shape the student’s performance and priorities in line with corporate expectations.
Among other vehicles of industry-linkage, industry experts participate in the admission process, several teaching faculty have industry affiliations, a special category of courses is used to improve industry-readiness, the Organisation Analysis project and others demand close industry interaction, almost all courses include special lectures on contemporary industrial practice, the Seminar series envisages weekly interactions with corporate leaders throughout the program, and Internship takes place at an industrial location as a graded project.

Beyond the role played by mentors and faculty from industry, NIIT University makes conscious efforts to introduce external perspective by scheduling a number of Visiting and Guest faculty, both from India and abroad. Other distinctive features of the program – described later in this document – include the International Immersion Program (an optional component designed for exposure to international education and industry with special emphasis on the emerging economies), emphasis on specialized Management concepts through the requirement of a Concentration Area, and special categories of courses for Communication & Professional Life Skills, Management Perspectives and Professional Effectiveness.

NU’s unique MBA has been extremely well-received by industry and graduating students are keenly awaited by recruiters. A number of reputed companies have already committed placement for all students of the Batch of 2010, subject to satisfactory graduation with consistent good conduct. A strong Placement function exists to build upon this initial demand, to use the industry-linkages to strengthen the program further, and to expand the pool of companies interested in offering internship and placement to NU students. A procedure to empanel companies has already commenced, and the current list of 20 empanelled companies (beyond the six who form the consortium that has committed 100% placement) is expected to expand to over 100 companies for the second and subsequent batches.

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