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German Universities’ Entrance Test in Delhi

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German Universities’ Entrance Test

Four top universities are coming in June to select students for their UG programmes

With the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) already over for this year, lakhs of applicants are keep­ing their fingers trussed about getting into one of the premier engineering colleges. The reality, as always, is harsh. You know that the majority of the students would be left stranded with­out a single call letter from any of the colleges. Those stu­dents will either apply to pri­vate institutes or universities abroad.

Such an opportunity will come knocking in June when four top German universities conduct a joint entrance test.
Fh-Aachen, Duisburg-essen, Bielefeld and Fh Sudwestfalen are planning to jointly organize an entrance test for their UK and bachelor of business adminis­tration programmes.

The entrance test will comprise of maths and English questions of classes X and XI.

“Germany is known all over to offer high-end edu­cation in science and technol­ogy. Hut it has failed to attract Indian students in the past because of the language barri­er. Now. the universities there are witnessing a turnaround. The English language is wide­ly used in universities and labs and they encourage Asian students with no knowl­edge of German to go and study there.” says Mahapavil S. Anand, managing partner. The Calculus, a German edu­cation consultancy, which is organising the entrance test.

Suvansh Srivastava, an Indian student, chose to study for his BE (electrical) at Aachen University of Applied Sciences because it is. he believes, at par with the best colleges in the United Stales and the UK. At the some time, the tution fees and cost of liv­ing are more than affordable.

  • The entrance test is likely to be scheduled tor the first week ol June in Delhi.
  • Last date to apply is May 15
  • The participating universi­ties ate Fh Aachen. Duisborg-essen, Bielefeld and Fh Sudwestlalen
  • A Delhi consultant is going to organise the entrance test on behalf of these universities.
  • Call 011-41501621 lor further details.

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