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DU Cut Off List

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DU Cutoff


First Cut Of List: June 15
Second Cut Off List: June 21
Third Cut Off list: June 27
Fourth Cut Off list: July 2
Fifth Cut Off List: July 8

FOURTH Cut Off List 2010

THIRD Cut Off List 2010

SECOND Cut Off List 2010

FIRST Cut Off List 2010

SC/ST Second Cut Off List 2010

SC/ST First Cut Off List 2010

First Cut-off list of Teaching Centres – (NCWEB) – B.A. , B.Com

A total of 1,86,676 forms were sold and 1,43,224 forms were submitted since the process began on May 28. Last year, the number of forms sold stood at 1,48,000 lakh while those submitted were 1,13,471.

Stephen’s cut-offs

Number of seats: 420


(A) 50 °b for Christians which is 210 seats. Out ol this. 17% is for SC/ST which is about 35 seats. 3 % per cent for Christian physically-challenged students which is about 6.3 seats. If there are no Christian physically-challenged students, then the seat will go to the general category physically- challenged students.

(b)  40 % for general category students which is 168 seats. Out of this. 17% is for SC/ST which is about 35 seats.

(C)10% for SC/ST students.

No. of forms sold: 29,000

No. of forms submitted: 22,000


  • Economics Honours: June 16,17,18
  • Physics Honours: June 16.17,18.19
  • Mathematics Honours: June 19,20, 21, 22
  • English Honours: June 19,20
  • Chemistry Honours: June 20.21.22
  • Sanskrit Honours: June 21
  • History Honours: June 24,25,26
  • BSc Programme (with Computer Science): June 24,25
  • BSc Programme (with Chemistry): June 26,27
  • Philosophy Honours: June 27
  • BA Programme: June 27.28
  • Sports: June 23


BA Economics (Honours), BA English (Honours),  BA History (Honours),  BA Philosophy (H), BA Programme,  BA Sanskrit (Honours),  BSc Maths (Honours),  BSc Chemistry (Honours), BSc Physics (Honours),  BSc Programme.

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