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CAT Registration

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CAT Registration

Monday, 30 August 2010 – Thursday, 30 September 2010

Important Instructions

  1. Check your eligibility for CAT 2010 on www.catiim.in.
  2. You must purchase a CAT 2010 voucher from selected list of Axis Bank branches prior to beginning the online registration process. More information may be found on www.catiim.in.
  3. “*” indicates mandatory field. The boxes marked with this symbol must be filled in or you will not be allowed to complete your registration.
  4. Ensure you have a valid and unique email address before you begin the registration process.


To register to take the CAT 2010, go to www.catiim.in and click on the “Register for CAT 2010” link. You can register and schedule for the CAT 2010 from 30 August – 30 September 2010.

During registration, you will:

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Fill out the CAT application.
  3. Schedule your test.

Estimated time to complete this process: 20-30 minutes.

Before you begin, you should gather all the information you will need to complete the registration process, including your voucher, educational history, work experience, and a list of the IIM programmes to which you are applying.

Opening Screen

On the first screen of the registration website, you will see two boxes – “New users” and “Existing users.” The first time you come to this website, please follow the instructions for “New users.” This includes candidates who previously registered for CAT 2009.


For “New users,” you must enter your voucher number. Use a coin and gently scratch (as illustrated on the right) to obtain your voucher number.


You will see a special set of characters displayed on the screen. You will need to retype the characters in the box provided. These characters, called “Captchas,” are a safety feature designed so the computer knows a human is entering the voucher number and not a computer program. If you have trouble reading the characters, you can click the audio icon or the refresh icon. Once you have entered the Captchas, click on “Begin My Registration.” This will take you to the next section, which is “Create a Profile.”

1. Create a Profile

In this section, you will enter basic contact information.

Your name and email

  1. You should enter your name exactly as it appears in your school-leaving certificate.
  2. Enter your email address. This is where your Admit Card email will be sent.

Create a login

Creating a login enables you to log back in later if you need to make changes, or request a resend of your Admit Card or CAT application.

1. Username. Must be a combination of alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) but does not contain spaces or special characters.
The maximum length allowed is 50 characters.
2. Password. Must be 7-20 characters long and contain at least one alpha and one numerical character.
3. Secret reminder question. If you forget your username and password, this question will help verify your identity.
4. Read the Data Privacy Policy and indicate your agreement to the policy. Agreement is required to register for the CAT.

Additional contact information

1. Primary telephone number. Enter the entire number. Mobile number is recommended as Prometric may send important CAT related text messages by SMS.
2. Secondary telephone number. You may enter either a landline or another mobile number. Include Area Code/STD code in case of a landline number.
3. Postal Address. This is where you would like correspondence sent.

Click “Save & Continue” to move on to the next section, which is the CAT Application.

Note that once your profile has been created and saved, you will no longer be able to use your voucher number to create another profile. Changes to your name or username will not be allowed once you leave this section.

2. Apply for CAT

In the second section, you will enter information about yourself.

Personal Information

You will need to enter your Gender, Nationality, Category, and Date of Birth.

You will also need to select “No” or “Yes” to the question “Are you a differently-abled candidate (person with disabilities)? If you choose “Yes,” there will be additional questions for you to answer.

3. Differently-Abled Candidate

If you do not have a disability, click “No” and go on to the Programmes section.

If you do have a disability, and choose “Yes,” you will need to complete three additional questions:

1. Type of disability.
2. Do you need support.
3. What kind of support do you need.

If you require support to take the CAT, you will be able to complete the application process online and select your preferred city but not the scheduling process. You will be contacted within seven days of completing the application section. Scheduling will only be completed for DA candidates who require support after the registration and scheduling window is closed (i.e. after 30 September 2010). DA candidates who require support will be scheduled to test on 9 November 2010. You will receive your admit card by email when the appointment is completed.

If you do have a disability, and do not require support for the test, you will be able to schedule your test online after the application process.


You must click on the box(es) of the IIM programme(s) to which you are applying. Point your cursor on the box in front of the name of your Programme and click. You should choose all Programmes to which you are applying, and you must choose at least one.

For each programme applied, you must choose the city where you prefer to do your follow-up interview with IIM.

Be sure to click on “Save & Continue” to go on to the next screen.

4. Educational Background

You must choose all educational background that apply. For each selection, you will be asked to enter additional information such as marks and boards.

Educational choices include:

  1. SSC or equivalent.
  2. HSC or equivalent.
  3. Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Master’s degree.
  5. Professional course.

SSC or equivalent. If you choose “Yes” under SSC or equivalent, the percentage of marks received and board choice will be displayed and must be completed.

Enter the percentage of marks obtained in the SSC/CBSE/ICSE/ 10th Standard examination.

HSC or equivalent. If you choose “Yes” under HSC or equivalent, the percentage of marks received, board choices and discipline will be displayed and must be completed.

Enter the percentage of marks obtained in the HSC/12th Standard examination.

If you have undergone 3-year Diploma in engineering after SSC (without doing HSC) and have then done/are doing a 3-year Degree course in engineering, you should select “Yes” under HSC or equivalent and enter the percentage of marks obtained in the Diploma course for HSC.

5. Bachelor’s Degree. Choose Bachelor’s Degree Incomplete if you are still undergoing a 5-year Integrated Master’s Degree course after your HSC. Choose Bachelor’s Degree Complete if you have undergone a 5-year Integrated Master’s Degree course after your HSC. If you choose “Complete” or “Incomplete” under Bachelor’s Degree, you will need to enter the:

  • Percentage of marks you received.
  • Type of University/Institution you attended.
  • State/Union Territory where the University/ Institution you attended is located.
  • Discipline of your bachelor’s degree.

To enter marks for:

Bachelor’s Degree Incomplete. Enter the percentage of marks obtained for the years/semesters of the degree course completed to date. If you are undergoing a 5-year Integrated Master’s degree after your HSC, compute the percentage of marks obtained in the first three years.

Bachelor’s Degree Complete. Compute the percentage of marks obtained as per the norms of the university/ institute. If no norms exist, enter the percentage of marks obtained for all years/ semesters of the degree course. If you have undergone a 5-year Integrated Master’s degree after your HSC, compute the percentage of marks obtained in the first three years. Enter the percentage of marks obtained in the remaining two years in the Master’s degree section. If the duration is four years instead of five years, enter the percentage of marks obtained in all four years under the Bachelor’s Degree complete. If you fulfill your eligibility based on your performance in a professional examination (e.g., CA/ ICWA), which is considered equivalent to graduation, you should indicate the marks obtained in that examination as marks obtained in the Professional Course.

Master’s Degree. If you choose “Complete” or “Incomplete” under Master’s Degree, you will need to:

  • Choose the number of years completed.
  • Complete the percentage of marks obtained for each year.
  • Select the Discipline of your master’s degree.

Choose 3 years only if your Master’s Degree is of three years duration. If you have not completed the master’s degree, enter the percentage of marks obtained for the years/semesters of the courses completed to date.

Professional Course. If you choose “Final” or “Inter” under Professional Course Final, you will need to enter the percentage of marks obtained and your professional discipline.

If you choose Professional Course Final Exam, the Professional Course Inter Exam will automatically be checked and you will need to list the percentage of marks obtained for the Inter Exam.

If you choose Professional Course Inter, you should enter the percentage of cumulative marks received to date.

If you have done/are doing any course such as CA, CS or ICWA, you should enter the percentage of marks in this section as well.

Work Experience

You must enter your work experience in months and the sector or sectors in which you have worked. You should choose all that apply. For example, if you have worked 10 months, you will enter “10.” Combine all months worked in all sectors as of 31 August 2010.

Declaration by Candidate

In this section, you will be required to choose “I Agree” or “I Disagree” to the declaration statement. This declaration affirms that you are eligible to take the CAT and all the information that you have entered is correct.

After reading this section, you need to choose “I agree,” in order to click “Save & Continue” to proceed to the next section. If you select “I disagree,” you will not be allowed to proceed.


If you choose “Save & Continue” and you have not completed any mandatory fields (marked by “*”), a new screen will appear telling you what you need to correct. The fields that are missing are highlighted in red. In this example, the candidate still needs to specify a nationality and a category.

Successful Submission of the Application

Once you complete the Application and choose the “I agree” button, all your information will be entered and saved into Prometric’s computerised data entry system. This could take several minutes. Please do NOT close this window while your information is being saved.

After your information has been successfully saved, a copy of your application will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

You can now move on to Schedule your test.

3. Schedule test

Once your application has been successfully submitted, you can continue the online process to schedule an appointment to take the CAT unless you are a DA candidate who has selected support requirements for the test. You will be asked to choose a site and pick an available date and time at that site.

The CAT may be taken during the window of 27 October – 24 November 2010. There will be two sessions each day – one at 10 a.m. and one at 3:30 p.m.

  1. Create profile
  2. Apply for CAT
  3. Schedule test

Select Location for the Test

When choosing a test site location, you will see “State / Union Territory” followed by a white box with an arrow at the end. Click on the arrow and scroll down to see a list of the states and territories where the CAT will be given. Click on the state or territory where you would like to take the CAT. Next, you will see a list of the test site locations available. Click on “Schedule appointment” under the site of your choice.

Select date and time

Once you choose your site, you must choose the date you want to take the CAT. You will only be able to select dates highlighted in blue. If a date in the test window is not shown, it means that all available testing sessions at that site for that date have already been filled. Once you choose the date, you will need to choose the 10 a.m. session or the 3:30 p.m. session. If either of these two times does not appear, it means all available testing seats for that time have already been filled.

If a site no longer has any available dates, you may use the blue “Back” button at the bottom of the screen to search for other sites.

Once you have made your site, date and time selections, you must click the “Save & Finish” button at the bottom of the screen.

Confirmation Page

If all information has been entered correctly, you will see a confirmation screen. You should read the confirmation screen to make sure all information is correct. If something is not correct, click the “Edit” button in the area where there correction needs to be made.

Be sure to review the page to make sure there are no red “Pending” buttons. A “Pending” button means you still need to enter some information. Click on the “Pending” button to find out what still needs to be done.

If any information is incorrect, you can

click the “Edit Profile” or “Edit

Application” buttons to make corrections.

If all information is correct, click on the “I am done (exit)” button to end your scheduling session. You will be sent an email Admit Card and Application Summary within 24 hours.

If you prefer, while on the confirmation page, you have the option to print your CAT Admit Card and to print your Application Summary. Even if you print from this screen, the information will still be emailed to you.

Admit Card Summary Email

When you receive your Admit Card by email, you should read it carefully and verify all information is correct. You should then print a copy.

You must bring the Admit Card with you on the day you take your test. You will not be allowed to test without the Admit Card.

To the right is an example of what your email Admit Card will look like. You should expect to receive this email within 24 hours of submitting your completed application and scheduling.

When you begin your test, you must enter the CAT Registration Number/Prometric Testing ID on your admit card into the computer.

Application Summary Email

Once your CAT application has been successfully submitted, a summary of your application will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. Please save and print a copy of the application for your records.

To the right is an example of what your email application summary will look like. You should expect to receive this email within 24 hours of submitting your completed application.

IIM Common Admissions Test (CAT) Application
CAT Registration Number/ SR1234567
Prometric Testing ID:
Personal Information
Candidate’s Name on Chandra Patro
School Leaving Certificate:
Gender: M
Nationality: Indian
Category: Scheduled Caste (SC)
Birth Date: 17 May, 1984
Application to IIM-Ahmedabad-PGP
Programmes of IIMs:
Work Experience
Work Experience in Months 24
(as of 31/08/2010):
Work Experience Sectors: Information Technology
Educational Information
SSC or equivalent: No
HSC or equivalent: No
Bachelor’s degree: No
Master’s degree: No
Professional course: Final
Final Exam: Marks 98.7%
Discipline: Architecture
Interview Centre
IIM Bangalore: Bangalore
IIM Calcutta: Kolkata

Re-entering the CAT Scheduling System

If you have already begun the registration and scheduling process, but need to finish the process, change your scheduling information, get another copy of your application or a copy of your admit card, go to https://iim.prometric.com and use the “Existing Users” link on the right-hand side. You will need to enter the username and password you’ve already created then click on “Log in.”

Registration closes at 11.59 p.m. on 30 September, 2010. No changes will be allowed after that time.

If you do re-enter the scheduling system to choose a new test location, time or date, your appointment information will not change until you click on the “I am done (exit)” button. The rescheduling process would then be complete and you would be sent a new Admit Card. If you do not click on “I am done (exit)” button, your current appointment will be maintained. You must attend the session printed on your most recent Admit Card.

Registration Help

If, during the registration process, you have questions or need help, you should click on the information links. They are always in blue text and underlined.

Information related to the area that you are completing will pop up.

The Testing Process

You will take the CAT on a computer at the test centre you selected during the Scheduling part of the online registration process. You do not need any computer experience or typing skill to take your test. Your CAT examination will begin with a short tutorial on the test and its features.

You must arrive two hours before your scheduled appointment. This allows time for you to sign in and for staff to verify your identification and documentation. If you fail to arrive at least 1.5 hours before your scheduled test, you will not be allowed to take the CAT.

You will need to bring the following items with you to the test centre:

1. Admit Card. You must bring your Admit Card with you to the test centre. You will not be allowed to test without it.

2. Required Identification. You must present an original, valid (non-expired) form of photo identification before you can test. The name on the photo identification must match your name as entered in the CAT registration. Acceptable forms of photo identification are limited to: driver’s license; passport; PAN card; voter ID; college ID; employee identification card; or a notarized Affidavit with photo, signature, date of birth and residential address. Photocopies of the original are not acceptable.

Note: If you do not present an appropriate photo identification, you will not be allowed to take the CAT.

3. If you are a candidate belonging to the SC/ST category and paid the discount fees, please bring a valid document as proof of your SC/ST eligibility. Without proper documentation, you may not be permitted to take the test.

4. Your Voucher.

Test Centre Regulations

To ensure that all candidates are tested under equally favourable conditions, the following regulations and procedures will be observed at each test centre. Your failure to follow any of the security procedures may result in the disqualification of your test. IIMs and Prometric reserve the right to audiotape and videotape any test session.

References. No reference materials, papers or study materials are allowed at the test centre. If you are found with these or any other aids, you will not be allowed to continue the test and your answers will not be scored. You will be provided with scratch papers and pencils to use during the test session. These items (used and unused) must be returned at the end of the test session. Removing scratch paper from the test centre will be considered an act of misconduct.

Personal Items. Personal items, other than identification documents, are not allowed in the testing room. This includes cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerry® devices, digital/analog watches, and any other electronic or photographic devices. You will not have access to your personal items during the test. If you fail to follow the directions of the test centre staff, you will not be permitted to take the test. Any violation of this procedure during the test may result in cancellation of your scores, dismissal by the test centre staff, or banning from future testing. Test Centres, Prometric and IIMs assume no responsibility for personal items or devices that you choose to bring into the test centre.

Breaks. There are no scheduled or unscheduled breaks. Once you have been seated at the test centre, you must remain in your seat during the test except when authorised to leave by a test centre staff member.

Visitors. Friends or relatives who accompany you to the test centre are not allowed to wait in the test centre or be in contact with you while you take the test.

Misconduct or Disruptive Behaviour. Candidates who engage in any kind of misconduct or disruptive or offensive behaviour may be dismissed from the test. Examples are: giving or receiving help, taking part in an act of impersonation, removing test materials or notes from the testing room, using rude or offensive language and behaviour that delays or interrupts testing.

Weapons. Weapons are strictly prohibited at the test centre.

Questions on Test Content. Test centre administrators are not allowed to answer any questions pertaining to the test content. If you do not understand a question on the test, you should answer the question to the best of your ability.

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