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The inauguration of the festival will be held on 3rd February 2010 at 11:00 a.m. in the University Auditorium.
Shri Manglesh Dabral and Shri Asad Zaidi, the renowned Hindi poets have kindly agreed to be the Chief Guest of the festival.

The University will be organizing a comedy Play “Jaat Hi Poochho Sadhu Ki” by National School of Drama on 3rd February 2010 from 5:00 p.m. onwards in the University Auditorium as a part of ‘Anugoonj 2010’. Following are the invited poets:

A star performance by the band ‘Euphoria’ has also been scheduled on 4th February 2010 at 5:00 p.m. onwards on the main stage on the campus ground.


Time Programme
10:00 a.m. Arrival of the Chief Guest
10:05 a.m. Lightning of the Lamp
10:10 a.m. Saraswati Vandana
10:20 a.m. Welcome address by Prof. Anup Beniwal Director, Students’ Welfare
10:25 a.m. Address by Prof. D.K. Bandyopadhyay Vice-Chancellor
10:35 a.m. Address by Guests of Honour Sh. Manglesh Dabral Sh. Asad Zaidi
10:50 a.m. Vote of Thanks by Sh. Bhaskar P. Joshi Registrar
10:55 a.m. Folk Dance
11:25 p.m. Vote of Thanks by Head Convener
11:30p.m. Tea

General Rules
(For all events)

  • Judges’ decision will be final. Clarifications regarding the judgment will not be entertained.
  • Props, dresses, stationery, special equipments etc will not be provided and will not be compensated for as well.
  • Late entries will not be allowed
  • Information regarding the events will be available at the Help Desks Participants are required to produce their College Identity Card on demand
  • Organizers will not be responsible for the security of participants’ personal belongings.
  • Registration would be held on 3rd February 2010 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • All the final participants are required to get themselves registered, else, they will not be entertained.
  • All participants are required to be on time else their registration will stand cancelled.


1 Pradeep Mann Head Convener USIT 9868083488
2 Ritesh Kumar Convener USCT 9899808524
3 Devesh Kumar Convener USCT 9911127650
4 Nishant Dahiya Convener USIT 9968708887
5 Sumit Khatri Convener USIT 9911122246
6 Sukriti Gupta Convener IGIT 9968003713
7 Manan Batra Secretary VIPS 9999133644
8 Tanuj Shekhar Secretary USCT 9868754245
9 Karan Prakash Secretary USCT 9868113755
10 Vandana Singh Secretary USHSS 9899387417
11 Prerna Secretary USIT/m.tech 9213432190
12 Hanish Marketing Head USMS 9278401383
13 Priya Rawat Finance Head USMS 9891501084
14 Sakshi Finance Head IGIT 9811762176
15 Pooja Creative Head USIT/mca 9718020277

Rules For Documentary Film Making:

  1. Duration of film : 35-40 minutes
  2. Participants should bring their own camera, tapes and other equipments.
  3. At the time of shooting, all the members of the team will not be allowed to shoot in order to maintain the decorum of the event.
  4. Documentary team will have to take prior permission from the core team to take their position in front of stage.
  5. Last date for registration: 31st January 2010. The entry should come on the official letter head of the institute and only one team per college will be entertained.
  6. The team members have to get their passport size photographs to be submitted at the time of registration for the allotment of badges.
  7. The venue for the registration is anugoonj room in teacher’s gallery, USIT.

For further details contact:
Manan Batra (9999133644)
Secretary, ANUGOONJ 2010


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