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AIEEE Online choice filling and locking

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In this step all the registered candidates are required to exercise their choices of branches and institutes in order of their preference for these branches / institutes. The procedure is detailed below:

  1. The procedure for exercising choices and seeking pertinent information is guided through appropriate messages and tabs on the computer screen.
  2. Before the candidates can begin to fill in their choices, they will be required to read, and agree to abide by, the Terms and Conditions that govern this admission process. The candidates will click on the “I agree” check-box. Candidates will not be able to fill their choices unless they click on the “I agree” check-box.
  3. As per the eligibility of the candidate, available seat information relating to institutions, disciplines (Engineering / Technology and Architecture / Planning), branches (e.g., Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, etc.) will be displayed.
  4. Candidates can fill in as much number of choices in the order of preference as they wish to from the list of available seats.
  5. Candidates are permitted, if they so desire, to change or re-order their choices, delete earlier choices and add new choices any number of times until they lock their final choices. Choices should be positively locked before 5.00 PM of June 23, 2010.

Locking of the choices (June 12 to 23, 2010)

Candidates MUST lock their choices only after they have finalized them but, in any case, before 5.00 PM of June 23, 2010. The locking of choices involves a few steps after the LOCK button is clicked. This includes, entering the password, confirming the locking etc. Candidate should follow all the steps carefully to complete the locking procedure.

After the choices are locked, candidates will not be able to change their choices. A printable version of the choices along with the terms and conditions agreed by the candidate at the time of registration, is displayed once the choices are locked. Candidates must take a printout (hard copy) of the locked choices, (which also contains terms and conditions) sign it and produce it at the time of reporting to the Admission Center.

If candidates fail to explicitly lock their choices by 5.00 PM of June 23, 2010, their last saved choices will be automatically locked after this deadline. Candidates are therefore strongly advised to lock their choices themselves and secure a printout of these locked choices. Registered candidates who do not exercise any choices or fail to save them will not be considered for admission and seat allotment. Candidates can login again after locking the choices; the locked choices will be displayed but cannot now be modified or altered.

NOTE ‘Saving’ a choice is NOT the same as ‘locking’ a choice. A choice that is only saved but not locked can be retrieved later on and modified and the modified choice saved again if need be. The old choice exercised earlier is lost. But a choice that is locked cannot be modified and saved afresh.

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