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Add On Courses

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Add-on courses explore beyond the traditional set of educational course structures. They widen their ambit to provide professional career-oriented short-term courses. They are functional and give you an edge over your counterparts.
“They are capsule courses that not only help students get training in a respective field but sensitize them to its nitty gritties as well. For instance. Operation Research (an add-on course) helps sharpen students’ decision-making skills.” says Pratibha Jolly, principal of Miranda House. Delhi University.

“Add-on courses are offered by the University Grant Commission (UGC) as certificate courses, diploma courses and add-on diploma courses. Earlier, there were only language courses. Now, several other courses like gender studies, disaster management, film appreciation and eco-tourism have been incorporated,” says Minoti Chatterjee. principal of Kamala Nehru College. Delhi University.

Certificate Courses

The course comprises of 30 credits. Out of which. 10 credits are assigned to fieldwork. project work and training. Kach credit is expected to have around 15 hours of workload.

Diploma Courses

This is meant for students who have completed their certificate course. These courses consist of 60 credits out of which 30 credits are earned during the certificate courses. From the remaining 30 credits. 10 credits each are for fieldwork. project work and training. Each credit will have 15 hours of workload.

Advanced Diploma Courses

This is meant for students who have completed the certificate and diploma courses. The course has 90 credits, out of which 60 credits are earned during the Certificate and Diploma courses respectively.
Miranda Mouse offers an add-on course in Green Chemistry. This course zeroes in on the effects of global warming and fosters efforts to go-green in areas like research and development and the education industry It spreads awareness among the students towards environment-friendly initiatives. Besides, there is also a three-month course in translation called Bhash; Setu. For history students, there is a course in History Tourism. Other courses include Medical Biotechnology. German. French. Russian and Spanish languages.

Lady Shree Ram College offers Sports Journalism and Sports Commentary courses. Last year, it tied up with ESPN too. Ramjas College has about 28 such courses, including Conflict Resolution, Peace and Human Rights Studies. Biotechnology, Bio informatics, Capital Market Programme and Nano Science and Technology. Gargi College offers courses in Philosophy, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Heritage Management etc.

“The courses are designed to equip the students to handle the changes that are taking place in society and also enhance their knowledge base.” says Rajendra Prasad. Principal of Ramjas College. Delhi University. The fee structure for add-on courses range between Rs 5.000 and Rs 15.000.


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